Our first zero-twist towel

02 January 2023
Finn, zero-twist handdoek

For decades Clarysse has been making towels by twisting yarns and weaving them into loops to create a fabric. Now, with our zero-twist towels, we decided to change the game. For these innovative towels we don’t twist the yarn but rather add a special yarn during the weaving process. This strengthens the yarn and allows it to be woven without breaking.

zero-twist handdoek


The yarn we add during this process is called Solucell ‒ a special biodegradable yarn that dissolves when the towel is dyed, leaving a soft and voluminous product that is just as durable as a normal towel. What’s more, this yarn demands less carbon and 50% less oxygen to break down pollution in the water.

The benefits of a zero-twist towel

During the dyeing process, the loops open up more which makes the towel absorb more water and dry faster than a regular towel. The biggest benefit is, of course, that a zero-twist towel has that true teddy bear effect. No wonder we call it our fluffiest towel.

finn handdoek