Why Clarysse?

Creating the perfect towel, that’s the passion we’ve shared at Clarysse since 1953. We proudly create sustainable bath, bed and kitchen linen of the highest quality, for everyone who wants to make their home even more beautiful.


Sustainability, Fairtrade and cradle-to-cradle are our most important values, which we implement in our production process and our products. In its Belgian facility, Clarysse produces Europe’s most durable towels, woven on high-tech Belgian weaving looms.

Belgische vlag

Made in Belgium

We are the last bath linen manufacturer in Belgium and we are very proud of it!

Take a look at our weaving mill

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You’ve probably heard of fair trade bananas and chocolate, but did you know that there’s a fair-trade towel as well?

We make our Fairtrade towels in close collaboration with West-African cotton farmers. Honest and stable prices give the farmers the opportunity to invest in better living and working conditions, such as health care, easy access to water, and improved agricultural material and education.

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