Our first 100% recycled towel

03 January 2023
luna recycled towel

Luna, our first 100% recycled towel

A uniquely fabricated product, Luna is our very first recycled towel. Made in our own vertically integrated weaving mill in Belgium, it is made of both recycled cotton (67%) from the production waste of textiles, and recycled polyester (33%) from PET bottles. Blended together, the fibres went through a patented rejuvenation process to increase strength. These recycled cotton fibres were powered by PurFi, a manufacturer specialised in conjuring durable fibres from waste material.

Our ecological dyeing process

To dye our eco-friendly towel, we use a deep-penetrating dye that adheres to the GRS standard or Global Recycle Standard. This means that the dye is sustainable and we dye under fair working conditions. The dye is added to top-of-the-line machines. They use less water, less energy and fewer chemicals.

Because the towel is made of two components that should be dyed a different number of times, our Luna towels should normally be dyed twice. To preserve resources, however, we are only dyeing the towels once. The result is a more ecological process with less water waste. Bonus: we get that typical speckled look of a recycled towel.

We guarantee 100% recycled material and ensure a responsible production process that is safe for the planet and its people. By using our Luna towel, you are supporting this desired cause.


Audited by bAwear

Luna’s life cycle assessment was calculated by bAwear, an independent audited third-party organisation that calculates anything to do with sustainability in the textile industry. They looked at the production process and environmental impact of a non-recycled towel (50 x 100 cm - 500 g/m²) made with regular cotton and polyester. They then compared it to our recycled towel of the same size and weight.


Environmental savings of LUNA compared to reference:

With Luna we save 223 litres of water compared to a standard towel. That’s about 7 showers. Energy is saved as well, for the equivalent of 467 hours of burning LED light. And carbon emissions are also down by 1,09 kg. All of this further shows that Luna is a true friend of nature. And an amazing towel to boot.


The whole picture

The graph below shows the impact of our recycled Luna compared to a reference towel made of non-recycled cotton and polyester. We see a big decrease in the use of resources as well as a reduction in carbon emissions.

Read the full report.

Impact Clarysse LUNA